Poem By Kristina Louisa Carr

I feel drumming waterfalls invading my mind
Thoughts of crashing floods are newly refined
Answers precede questions never asked before
While excitement lures behind every closed door

Standing at the edge feeling the rush of height
Moving with great speed ignoring every red light
Loading a gun feeling the smooth metal in hand
Going over the options to lie in the witness stand

Riding the rollercoaster backwards for thrills
Taking a high stake bet with fake dollar bills
Fingertips tingle feeling the chill of perspiration
Dreams run wild when waiting with anticipation

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Before Dark

Dusk right before dark is my favorite time of each day
The dim light feels as if I am only in this world halfway
Right then it is time for shadows taking over the light
And colors fade slowly to shades of black and white


Rain is electricity for my soul
Like a light switch turning on my emotions
The rain - soft, wet, warm embracing
Water in the desert of my world


My smile has been declined
The laughter in my world silenced
I feel stone weights around my ankles
And tomorrow seems like a year away

Three Some

Your vision in my head is a deceit
You're not the one that I wanted
The beginning of the affair was sweet
But what I feel now is being taunted

Good Bye

The morning after we said our final good bye
What I remember is a single tear from your eye
Today it hit me that I can't call you anymore
To tell you how my day was and it's you I adore


City of noise, fumes, dirt and corruption
City of beaches, money, luxury and lust
A city where your wisdom is lost
Where serenity is covered in sweat and blood