' Anticipation

I hold within my trembling hand
This gift
So rare, so contraband -
I dare not take it lightly, 'though
I smile
To think it came from you;

How should I take the wrapping off
This gift?
With slow and careful hand,
Or quickly rip the wrap to shreds -
Oh, dear!
I simply cannot wait

To peel the layers one by one...........
Oh, my!
The colors please my eye,
And I just simply can't believe
My luck -
You gave this gift to me!

So precious and so wonderful,
My stars!
I am a lucky girl
To think that you would trust me with
This key -
This key that might unlock

The mystery of all you are -
The heart,
The soul you so protect,
You humble, and you honor me
My friend.......................
Can't wait to turn the key!


by Linda Ori

Comments (5)

Inductive and beautiful. Well done my friend!
wonderful poem ma'am. eloquent and nicely expressed. loved it. thank you.
Great poem and you got the Master key!
Indeed! When I get a present I get so excited sometimes my mum looks worried..Brilliant poem, very well constructed
Very clever metaphor to opening a present the key to a heart maybe. I love te giddy and joy displayed oh so cute and i know this feeling!