NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)


Something is in the air all right,
It is in the Spring and it is late at night.

The students have been asleep for hours,
As worries of disaster have been making my stomach sours.

What or what can keep a person so
Don't you know there is nothing more you can do.

People say give it a rest,
Easy for them, but you are trying to do your best!

You see the problems of coaching aren't a simple
A, B, C.
There is not a bubble to circle that will get little Johnny out of trouble.

The solution is simple, the answers are complex,
All I need is a good night's rest.

Easy to say,
Simple to do,
If you were me,
What would you do?

All my life, I have spent looking for clues
Now, in the morning I be singing the blues.

All over students who I have taught
Learned their cases, and thought their thoughts.

You see it is the anticipation that gets to me
And the not the excitement,
To see the their faces light up,
And see the students learn,
Is all the payment I need,
And all of reward of my concern.

Train by day,
Worry by night,
This is the coach's motto
And also their delight.

Easy to say,
Simple to do,
If you were me,
What would you do?

One last prep, one last word,
Will it make a difference,
Will I even be heard?
These are the thoughts that rattle in my head,
As my students sleep in their bed.

After all isn't their anticipation
In us all?

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