CC (Feb 7th 1991 / Toronto)


This Anticipation

I wait for this day
I am excited but sad.
You are leaving and I am mad.
Its for the health of you
So I am glad.
There are so many feelings that I've had.
I want this day to come.
Only cause I want to show you
What you mean before your gone
and not seen.
But then again this day is dreaded
I want you to stay
What am I going to do without you?
I know I will get through this
But promise me you'll phone
If you do not phone this
anticipation will grow not knowing where to go,
what to think, or what to know.
I will cry on this upcoming day
And I want you to know that
All I want to say is
I care for you.
You will get through this
And so will I.
I will be sad and I will cry.
I will be strong for you
So please be for me.
I can't lose you, not totally.
So please, please have somthing to say,
On this upcoming day.
Only my tears will tell the tale
of what you mean
and how much I care.
I just wanted to say I'll be
there on this upcoming day.
This Anticipation.

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Hi Chantelle, Excellent poem, you wrote with so much compassion. It is hard to see someone leave from your life. I know. When my son first moved I cried. I didn't want him to move out. I felt very badly for him. He wanted to make his own life. So leaving can be hard at any age. Great poem and from your heart, and very honest.