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Antidote For J.T.Ellison
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Antidote For J.T.Ellison

Before me lies a narrow road
with hedges, high on either side.
With only sunlight for my load
I am content to boldly stride

I care not where the road may lead
but I am sure it leads somewhere.
That’s knowledge that I do not need
I am not burdened down by care.

For two whole weeks I am quite free.
I chose a walking holiday.
There is so much I wish to see.
How could there be a better way

The sun is warming on my back.
My shadow always runs ahead
on metalled roads or dusty track
and I must follow where I’m led.

Once noon is passed I start to look
I am not fussy not at all
A wayside on or sheltered nook
protected by a dry stone wall.

My sleeping bag is very light
but waterproof and warm withal.
I do not fear the fall of night.
I’ll sleep lulled by the night birds call.

The first rays of the rising sun
will serve in place of my alarm.
Then I will rise and carry one
and breakfast at some friendly farm.

I have sufficient cash to pay
for what I need as I pass through
small villages along the way.
Where I may spend an hour or two.

Or stay the night If I so choose.
I have no deadline I must keep.
My ready cash they won’t refuse
I’m sure to find a place to sleep.

But holidays like all good things
come to an end eventually.
But until them my heart still sing
as I store up new memories.

I must return and be confined
in narrow grimy city streets.
Which seem to me to be designed
for those weighed down by life’s defeats.

I am refreshed and ready to
endure the drabness of each day
with brick walls limiting my view.
Remembering my holiday.


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Thanks, Ivor, I sure do need a holiday! ! ! !