Antiphonal Advocations

Intrepid upon the reception of empyrean ideals
we saunter into an oblivious fury
ascertaining ornamentations of token novelties
inducing our subconscious grandeur.

Ascending endlessly suspended from a dangling dream
we reveal obscurely a phantasm lurking in an unconscious state
murmuring lamentations to a philosopher.

Impressions of a commonplace shepherd
will enlarge awareness in deliverance
assisting the connotations illustriously
and mysteriously rendered in a pauper's defiance.

He thwartly condemns and amends
the insisting demarcations eluding the very toxic
and overheated altercations emerging with an elixir
seductively with a simpleton's manner.

Releasing a flock of bewildered archangels
Gabriel plucks his harp to the delight of Goliath
rendering him to a higher conscious
and bestowing upon his crown an enlightened logic.

Sensitively we pity the greedy and slovenly
with their misfortunate illusory compliance
and utter solemnly forgiveness for their futility
and we redirect their diminishing energy.

Infatuations have impelled irrationality
however recognizing the idiosyncrasy
the choirs of transformation have initialized
an electrifying course of a cleansing alliance.

Ridden by a tempest storm of arguments the lulling princess
implores for peace quite demure.

Commencing a flourish of picturesque regalia each dignified priestess
enacts their spirit pure
of cinematic influxes exhibiting the elusive,
spontaneous landscape of magnanimity.

Interpretive innovative postscripts
invoke a congenial atmospheric and ascetic pleasure
involving the preeminent spirits in coalition
with one's most revered self-reliance.

Approaching Nirvana through an inverted looking glass
the skeptic's monocle falls in disbelief
as a divine assertion implies the directional envelope
bringing the spiritual circles to their circumference.

A yarn of ancient parables evoke the depths of the wanderer's endless fantasy
and fosters the northern lights to conjure
the lost souls and ordain their most sacred journey.

by Paul Amrod

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