In the middle of this concrete and re-bar jungle teeming with death and life,
I think of you, Cadereyta. This maddening jungle is shocking, choking,
I think of you Cadereyta, I seek escape.

I come to you in dreams of flight, running away from the other side,
From its jungle of concrete and rebar, I come to you,
And you take me to the other side before time,
You give me your ethereal architecture, gossamer delight.

Floating on a jungle with death and life,
I walk through your streets with my most recent friends,
They are all from this side, from this time.

Do you remember my time in your time?
Such expanse in your space, did it mean anything?
The answer to that I know. The question is better served unasked.
Your time in my time is monumental, encompassing

by Juan Alvarado

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