Anxiety's Rhetoric

Palavering, pandering introspect,
predacious consciousness in body whole;
prehensile minded artifacts,
renascent syndicate, wooingly seduce control;
miscreants, subverting rule,
each, play Judas, in this end game title role;
propagate purgatories, upon our heads,
make weak, our bodies and souls.

Impassionate, and in cruelty dubbed,
these beasts, bare breast and bray;
egomaniacal, these short sold souls,
their graft, leads all nations astray;
tyrannically, truth's torch displaced,
our nation's mental state, in disarray;
dissociability, norm for all,
our Tabula Rasa, awaits November election day.

Ill-defined, is future's tack,
incognoscible, lays this nation's true goodwill;
societally we must congeal,
condemnable rhetoric, we must rapidly distill;
corruptibly, of thoughts so rash,
words ply, an individual's poison pill;
contumelious politics, imperil mental conation,
on greed esurient, Capitol Hill.

Fundamental trusts, strands cast aside,
shame honors hallowed apsis;
cultural creatives yet to shine, however,
they out birth conservatists;
intrinsically refute, thoughts of war,
as warped republican bullheadedness;
repudiate, the effect of democracy forced,
truth, shown world's acridness.

Forsaken and doomed, one persnickety fool,
we know well that pipers tune;
deservingly, is his political doom,
for this nation's freedom, he did impugn;
anosmic, and blind of mind,
his ignorance, shown to the work of Ducommun;
botheration belched, left putrid stain,
anxiety's rhetoric, woe inopportune.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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