ES (February 4,1990 / Mt. Airy, NC)


The time of your arrival draws e'er nearer.
I look to the west in search of your face.
None others' words would I hold dearer,
Than thine own as my name escapes.

I look forward to your coming with hope.
I've missed you all the long while.
Lately it's been so hard to cope,
With the loss of that charming smile.

You know not the way that I feel.
My trembling, you take as a chill.
O, how I long to soon reveal,
With love, at your sight, my heart fills.

Longing to once again see you.
Wishing you knew how I felt.
Watching you smile just as I do.
God, how you make my heart melt.

But you feel that we are just friends.
You're oblivious to anything more.
But even as this life comes to end,
My love for you will endure.

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Comments (3)

You paint a very clear picture of fear and anticipation driven by love. Finely woven poetic words, though the penultimate line seems to imply change or reveal something different about the writer or her intent! jim
Ahh, beautiful but a sad picture painted here. This person need to know how you feel, who knows maybe they too feel the same way. Someone has to take the first step, what have you to lose, a true friendship never dies. Excellent poem----Melvina--
I have that alot where I am so excited for something to happen. I get nervous and excited at the same time.