WT (18-april-1991 / Panama)

Anxious Of Wretch Thingy

It was late at night
And my soul sobbed
Now the sun doesn’t want…
Doesn’t want to rise anymore.

My mind is confused
Don’t want to do it again
Always again and again
Until my spirit is totally exhausted.

My same wretch monotony
The one who want me to die
The one who kill me every day
The one that makes me cry.

That discomfort, that thingy
The anxious never filled
The feeling of something
Something in my mind.

An interrupted sleep
Looking at the time
Every hour watching the clock
It won’t stop.

Tired, tired of my being
Sleepy, just want to sleep
Sleep forever
Never reaching it.

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Amazing! Words can't describe any better than what you have just done. It can't be duplicated. very intense, and yet very calmly realistic.