Any Love

Your candelabra from cousin Barbara
The softest lighting for the hardest heart
You have your trinkets, you wear your mink It's
So very you just acting out a part.
You've had your botox you wear your low frocks
Say you only want to be alone
All very Dietrich a very cool pitch
So many rings, unlike your telephone.
You have your shag pile you wear your false smile
That 'mirror' face- you think you're sex on a stick
You loathe to cook love, take off your white glove
And utter 'Garcon' as your fingers click.
You top the charts of lonely hearts
Your only friend, the falling rain
But lady take heed as you struggle and bleed
Because any love will leave you pain.
He's such a Lothario, A perfect scenario
A winer- diner working from a script
Never fell in love though once he tripped
A heart not torn but slightly ripped.
He drives a Mercs, he drinks with jerks,
Who bear the onus of massive bonus
Lap dance clubs and seedy pubs
Not really friends just grinning Jonahs.
He wears a Rolex, he deals in shipwrecks
Love them and leave them, a cannon loose
And when they're crying his tears are drying
Before they start, he's slipped the noose.
But he must remember it's his December
Youth never ever calls again
His roving eye one day will cry
Because any love will leave you pain.

by Kevin East

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