Any Place Called Home

In the solitude of a brand new day, I close my eyes, and see
The grandeur of lofty mountains -- the splendor of each tree!
Cotton clouds go drifting by -- in wondrous shapes and sizes,
The skies above so very blue -- a joy in me arises!

I can hear the song of the river -- meandering along,
It's singing to me -- telling me -- "come back where you belong."
Come back and let your heart rejoice -- remembering days gone by,
Hold dear the pictures that return -- in the twinkle of an eye!

There lie the hills before me -- the valleys down below --
Where the river runs through it, that's where I want to go.
To nourish my soul, heal my sadness, find friends I left behind,
Recall the goodness of this earth and restore it in my mind.

Can anything be lovelier, than my dear sweet mother's face?
Or the strength I feel once more, as my dad and I embrace?
My brothers' grinning faces -- they are a sight to see --
There's not another place on earth -- that I would rather be!

by Agnes Dobias

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