Open Up And Trust

Open up and share
Your fears with me.
Let me know what
Frightens you and
We can battle it together.

Open up and tell me
Your opinions of
Everything you view.
Let me hear your
Ideas of the world.

Open up and tell
Me how you feel.
Don't stay bottled up
Inside, let me in.

Open up and let me
See the pain you
Have felt over
The many years.
Let me be your shield
Against all harm.

Open up and let
Me see your
Beautiful smile.
I want to see you
Happy and smiling.
I will do whatever it
Takes to see your
Smile once again.

Once you open up
You will see the real me.
I am to be trusted,
But I know I must gain
Your trust first.

by Tracey Owens

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Even the most shredded heart can repair itself in time M lady I remarried at seventy The divine madness pays no attention to age. Heartbreaks along the way of course there were but life goes on Bright Blessings to you