Anybody Home?

this place is so pathetic.
doesn't anybody get it?
is there anybody home?
these worlds, they keep colliding
and the explosion is just so blinding
why am i still alone?
remembering the glory,
of the life they had before me
i'm just a burden passing through.
so i turn over to the dark side
be the hell they see in my eyes
how do i heal this bruise?
and forever i'll be wounded
just keep your humor on and tuned in
but i doubt anything will change.
'cause my feet, they keep escaping
from the path i keep on taking
why do i wanna stay the same?
the grades i make are way worse,
and i have no will to do work
'cause i'm going nowhere fast.
my parents don't believe me
when i say today i will be
cleaning up my act.
i've never righted whats wrong
i've never wanted to belong
i really don't like it here
but i'm sure that you know
i have no where else to go
so i'll keep shedding these tears.

by Desiree Whitamore

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i feel the very same way. hang in there. it may not seem like it now, but it will get better. im sure of it. great poem