Anyone Can Be A Rhymer

Anyone can be a rhymer but poets are born not made
And so few for their writing can hope for to get paid
And millions of would be writers into oblivion fade
The failures are so many and so few make the grade.

There surely are far easier roads to success and to fame
And penning verse for many is a 'hungry belly game'
Some great poets even died in poverty and that seems sad to say
The paupers of their lifetime and the legends of today.

Anyone can be a rhymer since Pru will rhyme with Sue
But to their gift of creating beauty the true poets do remain true
By their use of words the great poets great beauty do create
Their fame it does outlive them and does not have a use by date.

Anyone can be a rhymer i say it once again
But poets are few and far between that fact with us remain
Of poets who died as millionaires one seldom hear of or read
And there must be many failures for just one to succeed.

by Francis Duggan

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