Poem Hunter
Anyone Can Write About Sex
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

Anyone Can Write About Sex

Anyone can write about sex...

It is like writing about the rain -
only being able to aptly describe it
if you have walked naked in a flood
with the rain beating down on you...
following the sensual flow of the water
down the road... down... down
and feeling the velvet drops on your skin
when you open your mouth to take the
water in... to feel the surge of it
taste it
swallow it
wade through it with your body
your senses alerted to every change of
temperature where the imaginary stream
takes you
looking up and seeing nothing but rain
and life and love and lust -
giving over to the experience,
surrendering self and being a sacrifice to
the open heavens
almost drowning in the downpour
before finding shelter in warm,
loving arms.

Anyone can write about sex.

I can write about the rain...
I'm qualified.

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Comments (12)

Good imagery here, Yuri...a sensual write on rain...love rain... love to write on rain or it rains love...I take them all...okay? Good piece 10
'I can write about the rain... I'm qualified.' beautifully explained sex and rain. A nice piece.
wow yuri! this poem is amazing, i am truely in awe of your skill! in writing: p haha i felt washed away in the flood. your words soaked me through, it is a beautiful rendition of what sex is about, the feelings...oooooh, i cant wait for it to rain again!
This is why I don't write about sex...it would sound hollow compared to your writings...but I keep trying...practice makes perfect...and someday, I will be 'anyone' who can write about sex...(by the way, very erotic, but you knew that when you felt the rain) ...Coach
Beautiful poem, Yuri, as usual.I've always been fond of rain but you have given it new meaning. Thanks Richard
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