Dead screaming, I can hear them calling me. I can feel there piercing eyes looking, seeing through me. They are drawn to me for all infinity. There black charred flesh makes my eyes water, the temperature plummets and I start wishing it was hotter. Ten, no, twenty red eyes that look through my soul and despise. Please is anyone there? Can you save me from there never ending stare? They have no end, they throw back there heads and say lets be friends! Im running but not going anywhere, is anyone there? Does anyone care? Are they to afraid to dare to even come near? Is this the end? My worst fear? No there coming closer, I can smell the raw stench of their breath on the back of my neck. I can see them clearly now there a bloody wreck. Why do you let me sit in hell? Did I fail? Was I so bad that you don’t care? Not even drugs or alcohol can get me away, im staring at the demons of my life and there here to stay. I can’t breath now, why would you do this to me? How? Just leave me to die? Leave me to cry? It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t lie. What’s love to me? Ha-ha love doesn’t exist! Loves like the exorcist. Only a few know what its like to be left for dead, only a few have lived the life ive lead. It’s all been in secret. Ive fooled you all into thinking im great, but my soul began to dissipate a long time ago. And not even my parents know. Is anyone there? Never mind I know you don’t care….but at least you pretended. But let’s get through this bull and end it. I know you don’t give a **** so get the hell away from me, oh and by the way good-luck! No im not mad or bitter but if you could just see what you meant to me you would understand a little better. Is anyone there? Does anyone care?

by Khaos Dven

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A deeply moving poem.