LT (7/26/89 / )


No matter what time it is,
earlier in the morning; late at night.
I still know that all the things I said and did,
were nothing in the world but right.

The feelings I felt,
were as clear as day.
And nothing could have changed the past.
No matter what I do or say.

I loved him with all my heart,
and for him I would have died.
I always watched what I said to him,
making sure I never lied.

He was the one,
I thought would be my prince.
And from the moment I saw him,
I haven't thought of anything else since.

He could have lied and cheated,
and torn my dreams and hopes.
He could have asked me to do anything,
run through hoops and jump through ropes.

For him I would have done anything,
given my soul, never care about anything else.
Because to me he was my life,
there was never anyone else.

Now that he is gone,
there is a hole where my heart once would be.
His love could possibly
be the only thing that could ever cure me.

But now i'm forced
to wait for him all night.
But I know he'll come back to me,
the time just has to be right!

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