Poem Hunter
JH (11-15-72 / Amarillo, Texas)


Have you ever made love underneath the moonlight,
Wished upon a star with all your might,
Have you ever really believed in fate,
ANYTHING to ease the ache.

Have you ever been touched in just the right place,
Felt the warmth of a lovely face,
Have you ever danced nude out in the rain,
ANYTHING to ease the pain.

Have you ever layed in grass thats damp with dew,
Watched the sun come into view,
Have you ever been carressed by the scent of spring,
ANYTHING to ease the sting.

Have you ever walked barefoot in the sand,
Or maybe ran as fast as you can,
Have you ever made mud pies out of dirt,
ANYTHING to ease the hurt.

Have you ever been alone in the dark,
As you nursed a broken heart, ?
Have you felt those feelings that cut so deep,
Tell me, have you ever cried yourself to sleep? ?

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There are real feelings of hurt and despair, wrapped in good times here. I enjoyed reading your poem, will look out for more of your work. Kindest Regards Slim. x.