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Anything At All On Earth Like Love

Your Highness, may this sonnet's throbbing pulse of beauty be a token of
-Oh stop this phoneticsboredom empyreal pathetic lesson of your love to me-
Rise, rise your eyes, stop morbid moping, ride a carousel, get frolics with the ladies not so troubled with so somber deep,
They will simply make it sex of you -a whole lot of exclamation stanza,
Get drunk you raven rave, don't pour your tears, belch innards -verses, virtues, spleen, are the same at night as cats are grey
Your Highness, I can not stand the...Stand my admonition or precluded is your to me admission, part time page audition,
Quote unquote Poet-hardly you! Don't look a way,
Looksimply here- here is for your expenses, get you gone- don't question mark the ladies,
Even of the night, escalade them forte, impregnate them with your carnal heat till
They fire back in kisses and caresses, broken is your poor squalid self...well my page, What do I say?
Your Highness, this sonnet is so somber query and question
Is there anything at all on earth like love?

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