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Anything But Silent

Silence reticules me because I wont listen to him
And I'm constantly the key note speaker at the peoples forum
you see they send me comments and text messages about what I should say for them
And I take them to the man but of course he ignores them
sitting idle to our unhappiness while we watch the four horsemen

and the people are so fed up that they refuse to endorse him
so when I return to the crowds
that are screaming so loud
that the rain is forced to descend form the clouds
and that accomplishment in itself made the mob so proud

for if we can make the rain
our voices have not gone in vein
but rather in stride
So we'll continue to refuse to abide
by the rules and regulations that have pushed us aside
so the weak and meager that usually run and hide

can now unshielded their face
fight for justice, and the common case
Silence calls me out of my name simply cause I oppose him
and because I walked to 1600 with the intention to approach him
yet when I arrived
I stared deeply into his eyes

and decided to coach him
to unveil the blindness and expose what war is doing to them
our soul passed fallen kin
my brethren
of every color skin
and the pain were in

that begins again
at the dawn of every da
for Mr & Mrs. Hathaway
Who gave to us
in patriotic trust
their 18yr old son
who you've molded and coupled with a gun
returned with PTSD and not two legs but one
then the veterans hospitals says sorry son but there are just no funds

so you've turned away those that protect
but still have the nerve to borrow form our trillion dollar national det
Master-card and visa must think I'm dumb
that I'm going to run up all these charges and pay back none
but thats the example that I've learned from you playing the puppeteer from air force one

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Great poem. I like the style and flow of this too. Makes ya think.