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Anything Is Possible For M'Lady Tara
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Anything Is Possible For M'Lady Tara

I’d been driving since early morn
and some where I had gone astray
I was weary and travel worn.
I had to find a place to stay.

A good nights rest, a hearty meal
would make a new man out of me
I hoped the road would soon
reveal a wayside inn or hostelry.

I had not seen another soul
since I had left the main highway.
This single track seemed to unroll
in front of me in some strange way.

I was too tired to concentrate
I was fatigued and needed rest
I knew the hour was growing lat
and I decided it would be best

To book into the first hotel
or bed and breakfast I could find.
Either one would suit me well
I did not care I would not mind.

Just then I saw some way ahead
a building with a sign outside.
When I got closer I could read.
Be welcome stranger step inside.

I parked my car just off the track
and boldly knocked upon the door.
Which slowly opened just a crack
then gradually a little more

Until at last it opened wide.
That doors gey stiff, a sharp voice said.
An ancient lady stood inside.
I asked her if she had a bed.

I have two rooms and they’re both free
the season hasn’t started yet.
So come you in where you can see
It is not often that I get.

A visitor at all these days
not since they built the carrigeway
She fanned the fire into a blaze.
She was quite certain I would stay.

She showed me to a cosy room
and said she would prepare a meal.
An oil lamp would relieve the gloom.
It seemed that I had struck a deal.

I did not care how much it cost
I had to eat and needed rest
I told her that I had got lost
and had decided it was best

To find some place to spend the night
before I had an accident
She said she thought that I was right
and I should bide the night content.

Tomorrow was another day.
I ate my meal and went to bed.
How long I slept I cannot say
When I awoke I found instead.

Of being warm and dry in bed
I was outside beneath the sky.
My old suit case pillowed my head.
Now I will wonder til I die.

If it was merely some strange dream
created by my tired mind.
Or had I entered some time stream
to find what I needed to find

Which took me back to yester year.
When folks lived at a slower pace
The memory is crystal clear
although I could not find a trace.

There was no record anywhere
to prove the house had ever been.
Officials thought me mad I fear
when I described the house I’d seen.

I had it researched thoroughly
By local experts in this field
But they found no more trace than I
At last I gave up forced to yield.

Admit my search had been in vain
Although it defies common sense
the memories which I retain
are not a matter of pretence.

I do not often share this tale
which I believe to be quite true.
I know quite well that I should fail
If I attempt to convince you.

I know from past experience.
Though there are some but very few.
Who listen to me with patience
and can admit it could be true.

Some things can never be explained
although they are improbable.
I only know that I’ve retained
Belief that all is possible.


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