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Anything To Rhyme Is This Me Can Anyone See Can I?
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Anything To Rhyme Is This Me Can Anyone See Can I?

can anyone understand can anyone see
can anyone know me
can i even take this task
if i ever find the answer i savor it yet i will still ask
is this really it... we always think we are more then we truly are so important...
are we not? to ourselves it seems we focus too much on 'me' such a portent
that foreshadows demise
pride before the fall eh cant you see it in my eyes?
but honestly i find myself just asking away
every single day
i cant escape the question looking at the mirror or simply staring down...
is this me is this the same me they really see? how can i truly be sure?
such things just make me frown
trying to understand just trying to figure something out.. is the truth pure
right there? in the mirror is it me can i look down deep into the very depths
dare i go so far with me or anyone else to what would i find sometimes
i wish not to know others i want nothing but to know, Like an addict with meths
meths are like alcohols that cannot be drunk, i describe in rhymes,
they cannot be drunk because of added ingredients and violet dye
i hope to answer this question i do not have to die....
maybe one day someone maybe even me can see truly who is here

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very good poem i like it you have good meaning behind your poems i do the wrost at poetry your very good xxsaxynxx