The Time Is Nigh, My Beloved

</>I received your letter today, where your sentiments seem to obviate
From the words you chose and the sense of certainty the did create.
There seems to be little doubt where your heart lies,
And that you wish to offer our love, a genuine reprise;
I am exalted by this news and by now, you know
That my feelings have not altered and I wish them to show!
Where ere, circumstances conspired, to our detriment,
Now it seems to offer nary an impediment!

No longer does our consort need be surreptitious,
We may revel with the world, in the joy they wish us!

Be still, my inspired heart, the mate you have awaited is here;
Be steady, my exalted soul, the counterpoint He created, is near!

The time is nigh, my beloved, for our fairy tale to begin;
I am ready when you are-just tell me when!

-Maurice Harris,4 June 2011

by Maurice Harris

Comments (4)

I love this Derek, as I've said to many poets in the past, everything changes, nothing stays the same. Good poem.---Melvina--
rhyming couplets always make a poem sound forced - abandon them and you have better lexical choices available. Nice sentiments though
Desperately awesome. Love the poem. thumbs up. *wish you could make your poems a bit longer...*
Hello Derek, .....Your poem feels sad and alone, yet very nicely wrote. With Respect, Jodilee