Anywhere You Are...

Anywhere that you are
...Is where i want to be
Bathed in your sweet essence
....Raises so much joy in me.

Whether we are on an exotic adventure
..Or simply holding hands 'neath the apple tree
Makes not one ounce of loving difference
..To the very heart of me.

Completely content with your kisses
...As in your arms is where i am meant to be
For, indeed, my love, we are 'soul mates'
..Together, only, but for a breath of eternity.

By, Theodora Onken
December 16,2016

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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I can hear this lovely song being sung to the tune of a waltz- -you and your loved one twirling and swirling around the ballroom in and out of the flickering light of the candles on the wall and in the chandelier... oh, how beautifully a man and woman in love can dance together...