Anywhere You Like

You suggested to me let us meet anywhere,

A place Where HE is not there,

We then will have enough freedom,

With close quarter and ruling the wisdom,

We exchanged so many pleasantries,

Life was to level with your words and commentaries,

No distance seemed between ocean and countries,

Neither mountains, hills nor any boundaries,

We had feelings for each other,

Relation still didn't grow any further,

Eyes met and said to one another,

Let us not forget this moment and bother

I prayed HIM sincerely for your hand,

He smiled and blessings lend,

I looked at you for further acceptance,

You okayed it without any insistence

Now I have enough courage and bold strength,

I could go and meet you at any length,

Is it not necessary to see each other before we marry?

Life' as challenge was to be understood and carry,

He was hesitant for slight moment,

I too did not allow him for single movement,

Slight delay was causing me some concern,

I was not prepared for sudden and any 'U' turn,

I offered my self for holy deal,

I was there for his wounds to heal,

With only condition for him to be real,

Waited for his approval for the final seal

What word was I expecting from his mouth?

I did not care whether he was from north or south,

I wanted firm commitment and promise,

Relation was to be permanent..................

I was not here for simple game,

He was not here for charge or fame,

it was an earnest attempt to do with sincerity,

What was at stake//////////? Nothing but simple clarity

I didn't know what all I did,

conscious very clear and didn't hide,

talks very clear and nothing to confide,

sincere desire with best offer to provide

I am not sure of what others might say
I want to have perfect guy in my way
He will come and grab me for ever
I want to rest on his solder forever

He must know what I am and what does it mean?
I can offer my complete conscience and lean
I want to know definitely and precisely learn
Will there be any treachery or any ugly turn?

He can be whole and sole for me
I may consider him as holy gift from thee
Since I know he is meant for my existence
I simply don’t worry for his continued absence

See to it that it is done with all good show
Allow me the freedom to mushroom and grow
I will stand all the taste of cruel wind
I stand there alone and you may find

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

Comments (150)

Great piece birthed from a settled spirit...great content.10 for you
the thing we call Life..almost exposed in our mean sense.. yes Thought Provoking.. and to meet the meanings. Thanks for the lines and thought!
That Depth! ! immaculate.. I offered my self for holy deal, I was there for his wounds to heal, I must Grow I feel in these lines! ! tahnks for sharing Poet! ! 10++! !
Thought provoking and eminent write. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing. Regards. +10
girl expressing her say very clearly and beautifully, what she want of him in life.Poet has arranged words and lines in a rhythmic way, IN A VERY SIMPLE WAY. CONTENT IS GOOD.
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