Sky Will Not Fall

Sky will not fall if I die
Nobody will shed tears and say good bye
Soul may have upward journey and fly
Death is certain and no one has to try

We feel proud of being beautiful
Never bother about others and act sinful
Knowing fully well that it has to fade anytime
Still take care and maintain it as object prime

I fall prey to easy game
New tactics to get easy fame
Tried to capture whatever was easy
Whole hearted try and remained always busy

It is not easy to swim across
Path so difficult and hurdles to cross
Still one has try and remain in fray
Seek His blessings with sincerity to pray

One must understand the futility of mission
Conscious may not allow for frank admission
Will have to surrender to thy with submission
As day may approach and end your session

Nothing will stop at your sudden demise
People may flock and rush to your premise
May take oath to carry on with promises
Life will be crucial with all near misses

Have to dig in well with firm roots
No short cuts with definite routes
You may not be remembered as holy person
But definite cause to be called as genuine person

Try to lead life as normal way
No more power show of strength and power play
Earth may consume body with simple clay
Mortals may not remain but only name will stay

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (150)

Great piece birthed from a settled spirit...great content.10 for you
the thing we call Life..almost exposed in our mean sense.. yes Thought Provoking.. and to meet the meanings. Thanks for the lines and thought!
That Depth! ! immaculate.. I offered my self for holy deal, I was there for his wounds to heal, I must Grow I feel in these lines! ! tahnks for sharing Poet! ! 10++! !
Thought provoking and eminent write. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing. Regards. +10
girl expressing her say very clearly and beautifully, what she want of him in life.Poet has arranged words and lines in a rhythmic way, IN A VERY SIMPLE WAY. CONTENT IS GOOD.
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