KN ( / America)


Bodies far apart,
Yet hearts refuse to part.
It’s getting hard to hold on,
To this relationship for long.

I want to say ‘it’s over’,
But you said you’d love me forever.
You are moving way to fast,
For this relationship to last.

But I don’t know how to tell you,
That I don’t want to be with you.
When really, I do…
I really can’t choose.

Now I laugh with relief,
In the face of my grief.
Yes, the problem was solved,
With just one simple call.

Yes, I still love you,
Love you more than words can say,
Yes, I still love you,
But we’ll take things day by day.

‘Cause we’re both single now,
Our friend Kisa said ‘wow’.
But we know it’s better,
Else we scarlet letter.


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Wow its sorta sad that this reminds me of the time Im going through its ironic really