OO (29-05-1991 / OYE-EKITI)

Apart Or A Part

Our land has been made beautifully fruitless.
Only a few immigrants immovably rape the land.
Zoolatry has become the order.
Citizenry! A name without benefits.
A lenient wind awaits destroyers.

Selves and silence has taken us this far!
It is two faced "gangan"
Uncertainty echoes disintegration.
"Bata" the people, two faced journey.

"Y" seems dry; no life within,
Nig and Ben wonders at impunity of the tickling mighty.
Who will appease ancient friends?

The shield is weak... in defense and rescue.
Enemies at wind in streets and corners
Mad at my helplessness.
The wreath is broken, eagle no longer at ease.
Where lies your strength and ruggedness?

Horses knock horns! Two elephants fight.
Mere anarchy is set on loose!
Beasts feed beauty: heart of darkness!
The green is diseased: births little.

Sweat no longer flow!
Blood and water irrigates the land!
They all call! Who obeys?
Milking the land for unseen generations!

He said there was a country.
He echoes under my watch...
Some said because I was involved!

This tunnel seems too far...
Lights may no sooner show.
We've written much on the walls
Most immortal here will be forgotten.
give me two centuries; I am more than a centurion.


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Omoyajowo, such an interesting poem...10+++