Apathetic Love

Poem By Nick Schultz

My head has been spinning, my heart has been torn.
Don’t know what to think to say, or to feel.
My emotions run wild, and so do my thoughts.
My blood has been racing, and my hands shake frequently.
My actions are awkward, and somewhat strange.
But I don’t really care anymore. I’d give it all up.
Give it all up, for love.

Comments about Apathetic Love

This portrays those first feelings of love very well... The uncertainty, the anxiety... You've captured it well.

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Changed (Count The Ways Baby)

Oh, what has changed about me.
Let me count the things.
Lost my taste for good poetry and good love.
Hell, don’t even think the latter exists.

The End (Failure)

This is the end, my friend.
Everything thus far has come together.
To create one swirling mass of pain and torment.
My past failures leer at me, and my future ones mock me.

Every Time (Don'T Save Me)

Every time it happens, never failed it has.
I reach my feelings out, try to love again.
It goes good for a while, then falls apart.
All because of some other person someone loves more.

To Be Loved

To be loved is to be free.
To be completely happy and filled with joy.
To love someone back is to set someone free.
To erase all their loneliness, erase all their fear.

Tears Of Regret

I hold on to people too tightly.
The cuts in my flesh represent that.
I let nothing go, and no matter how hard I try.
I can’t make people see how much I care for them.

Pain In Life

Don’t ask why I hurt, ask not why I cry.
Half of you know the exact reasons why.
My cuts are bleeding, my throat is dry.
My heart cannot feel anymore, my soul has become a dark deep hole.