SB (06/02/1959 / Calcutta)


I roam and roam.
I saunter with the moon zenith to horizon!
I run with the north wind from north pole to south!
I flow with the river from origin to confluence.
My legs are not tired of racing with wild animals..
Fleet of floating clouds encourage me to dance in rhythm.
Thirsty desert I am; longing for love and affection.
I worship humanity and adore charity.
My tongue always blooms fragrant flowers of verbosity.
My hands cleanse cosmic dirt incessantly.
I inhale poison of human arrogance to sow the plant of forgiveness.
My fettered freedom begs for emancipation to the king of enthralment.
I snatched the whip from the hand of tyranny.
Still I was garlanded with a wreath of thorns of opprobrium.
Where would I rest in peace?
Death is reluctant to give me refuge under his cool shade.
Cursed immortality adorns blisters of frowning
to add insult to my bleeding injury!

by Sujoy Bhattacharya

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