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Apathy (What It Really Is Not To Do Anything)
NE Newo Enec (1991- / )

Apathy (What It Really Is Not To Do Anything)

Beautiful and elegant
The way his hair falls around his face as he sleeps
The gentle smile on his face is so sweet
So innocent compared to the hell that surrounds him
But hes distant, seperated from
The one person he could ever love
Pity him, as this tragedy
May grow to effect us all in some way, someday
It could be the death of us all
Vicious yet repressed
The way he believes she will return just for him
He wakes up in the night all alone
He will wait forever, but shes not coming home
For him this time
Tell him, as this torture
Is too much for him to hold on to
Surely he will be crushed beneath its weight
If we allow him to remain ignorant
Silent but devoted
The way she sits with her hand on the phone
Stupid, he doesnt even know her new number
But she has faith that HE will move
Its too bad that he wont
He thinks SHE will call
Wake her up, as she is in a dream
In a nightmare that will swallow the world
With regret
And apathy

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