Ape Schadenfreude

Poem By Ted Sheridan

I found God as a child; then as a soldier,
a husband, a father and now as I approach
an end to my life in the jungle...it is not Darwin
but God,
who calms my innermost and primitive fear.

As a child I loved to go fishing after a summer shower
to catch the biggest rainbows....

2009 © T.S.

Comments about Ape Schadenfreude

I thought God had gone fishing.......zzzzzot zzzzzot ouch! Stop it God
achieving calmness in the end is perfect success attributing to a higher power shows wisdom
in good way darwinian theory used in poetical composition saqib
I think you've chased rainbows all your life and didn't realise that you caught one and hung on it.Very nice, mellow poem! ! ! If you get a chance please read my new poem SPEAK OF LOVE.Thank you.
very nice peom, pls read life never tire by me

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