DO (July 06,1992 / Ilorin, kwara state, Nigeria)

Aphasia For Africa

Her tears touched my tongue with the scorching ice of silence
and the honey of her kiss fed me with the bitterness of pestilence.
It made me dumb
and my senses were numb.

In the earth of her eyes,
I saw horror laughing in the skies.
I saw misery in my lady,
I saw pain, sorrow and malady.

Her heart harboured danger
like a hell caged in a freezer.
Solitude was heaped on her skin
like a well fed and nourished sin.

Her splendid embrace wrapped me with the coldness of hell,
Fed me with the dessert of agony that's too sourish to tell.
And I tried to call her name
but my tongue was crippled and lame.

My heart could only stammer
of her excruciating love-born trauma.
I tried to touch her face,
but I grabbed the flesh of space.

My soul could only speak
in a tone too frail and weak.
I strained to call her name,
but the oddity remained the same.

I travailed to say 'Ah! '
My tongue yearned to be 'Free! '
I forcefully screamed with a 'Cah! '
And the words stung like a bee!

Help me call my lady's name
and save me from this searing shame.
Help me from this tormenting trauma,
all I can muster is ' Ah! Free! Cah! '

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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