Aphrodisiac Bullet

Love a sadistic, an aphrodisiac poison
Feel the heat, burn to ashes
Make the people think of you, of the body of sweat
Always show no fear! Live till the fullest

It’s never enough, always straining
Feel the gun, cock it back
Inside and all around you, everywhere
As the pleasure seeps in like a bullet!

Look at him, Look at Me!
Challenge her, take what you need
Pull tighter, no mercy, always fantastic
Until nothing can stop you and nothing can stop her

A war, a fight, a passion, just what we really want
Pull the trigger, feel the sting of metal
Make it hurt, hold on tighter
Until all that’s left is pleasure

What kind of pleasure is that?
What would be left?
Only the purest of
Pleasure that knows NO bounds!

by tierra fisher

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