Missed Chance

It was missed chance
Such type of moments comes only at once
Consider it as heavenly sent chance
That takes place in two heart's presence

I knew of your double mind
You were confused for real joy to find
You had everything at your disposal
As it needed no fresh proposal

Certainly my heart missed a beat
As there was tremendous warmth and heat
You were hanging in my arms
Was it a signal before storms?

The joy was reflected on your face
Was it an end of passion or mad race?
I could decide nothing and left it to you
The feelings and attachment was only true

It is timely aggression and gentle flow
It can take anybody by surprise with blow
One must think seriously and become slow
As it may be last chance to think and go

I smiled at your sudden withdrawal
Even though it was expected on arrival
You may retrace step and lay in dilemma
As this was life time question and not drama

I let you go silently and watched
I was up in bed and thoroughly searched
Asked question many times to own soul
Was there any fault with me or any foul?

The answer may never be found
As it has its own reality ground
One must be thorough with what one is doing
Rest all follows with clear understanding

I bet she was wrong at that time
As decision has to be taken sometimes
Time waits for none and opportunity is lost
One may never know how much it has cost

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Hmmm... addd PP and see my Inbox... aroha Dxx
A very heart touching poem...
Spoken from the heart and one for me to save. I love this, Herbert. Chrissie
Hi Herbert...this is very well done...'accept her thoughts, she might have kissed them love is your inspiration'...this has very good impact...you know what you are doing...you know what you are doing... Just me, Lare