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Aphrodite Of The Main
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

Aphrodite Of The Main

I, Hyperborean Rhymster, hath sailed from The North
I, who seek true love and eruditions, sail to Cyprus Isle
The Lady Tethys, Titaness of The Sixth Day, guides me
Past Gallia and Hispania, feel I edified by Her
For The Main whispers, being my aniconic shrine
Pass I, through The Pillars of Hercules
Days pass, shorelines of Mauretania on my starboard side
Lodestar of Lady Night maintains my bearings
Wast this nought Enoch`s route home?
Into The Libyan Sea I sail, then to the Cyrenic Sea waters
The Sirens call my name, so comely is there song
I feel not any trepidations, for they are not with ire
Flotsam is not my destiny on this day
I swim with them a while
I see the shrine at Paphos, dedicated to The Goddess of Desire
The Sea Nymphs lead me to the shoreline, in Scallop Shell
Has scotoma overcome me?
Is Aphrodite here before me?

She speaks to me;

'I am Aphrodite of The Main
The Seasons nursed me, and remain
In my dreamings, I have seen thy face
Rhymster from Wind Boreas` place
On Eurus`Wind, to me thy have come
To seek True Love and Life Wisdom
From Dodona Shrine, Dione`s home
To The Isles of Aegis, I hath roamed
But not before, with such fealty
Hath I seen a heart, so true as thee'

I stood, enamoured by Her beauty, gasping for air
Then spoke these words;

'Dear Aphrodite, I`ve sailed for days
Entreating to thee, along the way
The Mermaids and The Sea Nymphs sang
The peal of thine own bells hath rang
This e`en I come to journey`s end
To see the Nymph Queen thus ascend
From early days, I`ve hearkened epos
Heralding from thy Shrine at Paphos
Yet, all the presage, couldst prepare me not
For thy comely heart of Moon Esbat
From The Triad of The Lady Hera
Maiden Selene wast thy first era
Now as Nymph, of 'foam born birth'
To Lady Hecate from under Earth
The Doves begird thy beauty well
Sweet Sea Goddess of Scallop Shell'

The Lady Aphrodite smiled with approbation, The Sirens sang
She girds me in Her hair, we tarry amidst the Sea Shells
In Apdrodite`s hand is a branch of Golden Apples
She proffers me an Apple from Hera`s Garden of Hesperides
I accept it, so fain, I kiss her hand and bid Her vale

Lady Aphrodite descends back into the sea at Paphos
With a heart replete, I seafarer, tutored by The Herwa
Voyage home to my people.............The Hyperboreans

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