VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)


Someone just pushed me to the center of the stage,
I'm too young to be there still it does not matter my age,
someone put in my arms a red guitar so long,
for all the people down there, who were singing a song,
just don't look me like a slave,
we are standing in an unleashed cave,
let my fingers forget that i don't know how to play,
bcoz nothing again can bring back this day,
let my feet forget that i don't know to dance,
its now or never my life's last chance,
forgive your pains and let them fly,
let joy be rained from the love sky,
this day doesn't have tomorrows,
so let us put an end to our sorrows,
this day will never be called yesterday,
because this is the earth's last birthday.
Say to the one you love by today.
Say them how much you love everyday.
Bcoz we never know when is that last working day.

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Maya Angelou

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