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UN (16th August / Benin city)


Poem By Uche Nwanze

Hysteria sweeping the land, a hurricane fuming ferocious fury. Streets serene deserted, a theatre of war.
Is doomsday come upon us? Our troubled hearts waits for answers.
Face mask adorn long uncertain faces like the egwugwu masquerade.
Bodies littered everywhere, as flies spewed on the seashore.
Paranoia puffs like a bug, the sky weeps endlessly.
Is the ides of March upon us, the question on troubled lips.
Like a voracious beast on a vampiric spree.
Hungry angry stomachs in search for supplies, hostile hands fight for rations no where in sight.
Is Armageddon upon us? Our ears burn for answers.
Helpless hopeless, resigned restrained in our cocoons.
Constrained cautious, greet not thy brother. At arms length I say hello.
Walking dead in zombie street, leaving death, sorrow, tears in her trail.
Mourning mothers inconsolable, mother Earth buries her children.
Searching stealing souls for supper.
Blot out our existence from the face of this earth, mankind an endangered specie.
Children crying, no more moonlight tales. Is Bogeyman in town?
When will this nightmare bolt away?
When can we bask under the golden Sun?
When will this dark cloud go away?

21: 03: 2020
10: 00PM

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This excellent poem describes, in the most impressive poetic way, all the panic and agony the virus has caused all over the world.To my list.