Seldom Surprised

The older I am blessed to live.
Seldom surprised do I get.
By hearing someone apologize.
After doing something,
They intended to do.
With it done to expect,
An accepted forgiveness.
To get it quick.
As if given permission,
To do what they've done...
Many times over again.

And as I age.
Seldom surprised,
I've been blessed with patience.
And a tolerance I wish,
God permits me to hide.
But comes along that one last time,
When a door left open...
Is shut and locked.
Daring one accustomed to being forgiven,
To be seen around it or even knock.

Seldom surprised,
Do I get at times.
But as I grow older,
I must admit...
My mind reacts quicker.
Than my heart does to B.S.
Leaving my heart,
Free from remorse or guilt to feel.
And that's one thing about aging,
I more appreciate to come to love.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (17)

good poem, SJ.
Dysfunction is an interesting word to use here. I have to agree with the other commenters say so much with so few words.
It is amazing how mihc you can say in just those lines, great poem and thx for commenting mine!
aphoristic.. great work- i have memorised the lines tnx.
Brevity at its best - packed to the hilt with meaning. Take care
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