Apocalyptic Interlude

A man out of time struggles with baskets
Barefooted, yet not a look of despair
Patiently, hardened arms grasp
Baskets full of yellow rocks
Beneath him magnificent
Turquoise sulfur lake
Of Kawah Ijen
Walls before
Appointed time
An hour after 12
Briskly walking as
Clouds roll in like a
Shadowy monster arising
Bearing Apocalytic Interlude
Purest sulfur for mankind's good
Despite the horrendous labor involved

by Doris Cornago

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When you see someone working so hard to provide for the daily needs of his family, you are convicted that despite the luxuries you enjoy, there is lack of tranquility in your heart. Perhaps, you need to see more of rural villages, how people lived with barest of necessities to learn what being civilized means.