Poem By Vega Destiny Star

The end is near.
Chaos guardians have been set free.
Pandemonium breaks out.
One's pulse beats ever so fast.
Breathing increases.
Fear over takes you.
The gods have abandoned the earth.
Humanity is on it's own now.
Destruction ravages villages.
Savages currently populate the earth.
We are in need of a hero.
One that will tame chaos.
Threads of fate will be cut soon.
Natural disasters are more catastrophe.
The moon has been full for many days.
Eternal light from the stars are going more faint day by day.
The sun is running out of Hydrogen.
It's life ending prematurely.
This is the biggest calamity ever.
Death is welcomed by many.
Day by day the planet is becoming more annihilated
The hero finally presents himself.
He uses magic to bring myriad miracles.
With the use of magic sword he slays the chaos.
He saves us.
Just like that he is gone.
Humanity barely knows his name.
Face of the hero is still fresh in our memories.
Balance is now in control.
Life is getting back to normal.
There is a beginning never a end.

Comments about Apocolypse

excellently written poem.........outstanding imagery..this has to be the most explosive line.......The gods have abandoned the earth. Humanity is on it's own now. Amazing talent...........*10* best wishes Jon
very good i like alot!
Good poem.
I like the staccato rhythm of this poem. It's good

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