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Apocrine Glands
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Apocrine Glands

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

What do you get if in the sea
you throw a black, a white and me?
Sharks go by vision and by smell
as far as anyone can tell.
Blacks carry bigger apocrines
which are the size of giant beans,
release the liquid loved by germs
(they eat and change them on their terms) ,
so sharks will eat the black man first
and, in this way the bubbles burst
that people always smell the same
and, let me say it is a shame
that silly bimbos make new rules
for citizens and challenged fools.

To point to differences makes
a man lose sight of all his stakes.
How weak their ego's got to be
they might need help even to pee,
talk not of splinters in my eye
unless you are a genuine guy!


Africans have, in general, a very high number and size of apocrine glands, the sweat glands responsible for body odour (with the help from bacteria) .
Whites also boast of big numbers though usually less.
Some Asians (Koreans, Japanes) have very few apocrine glands in the axillary regions (armpits) and thus have little or no body odour.
The way you smell is determined by genetics, food, drink and drugs taken in and by other hormonal influences of the Sympathetic Nervous System including fright, flight and fight.
So, if someone says that 'others' smell different they are just telling the truth.

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