(03 April 1964 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Apocrypha: In The Beginning

(in answer to A. G. Visser)

It's late afternoon on the last day of creation,
it's becoming twilight with the beginning of the night,
everything that has been created is utterly perfect
where the man is waiting alone on the Creator.

The whole creation is accomplished in its fullness
and there is beauty and nobility to everything
where everything living follows the man everywhere
where birds in pairs sing jubilant around him.

Just bits and pieces are left from everything
but the man is lonely without a mate
and the Creator is content and thought-struck
where He is forming the first woman utterly delicate.

In her eyes there are stars that eternally shines gleaming,
for her smile He fetched the heat of the sun
and her breasts have the supple roundness of the moon,
in her heart He determined the storminess of the ocean,

with the iciness of glaciers, the clouds that do drip in her eyes,
the suppleness of a tiger and a lion's cruel intent,
the peace of a dove and the wildness of an antelope
but still deep in thought the Creators sits bended

as He wants to bring out the best of creation in her
and nobleness, intellect, softness and love are not saved
and He meditates on how she is going to view the man as her equal but the leader,
how she is going to accept the man as her beloved and her superior

but He gives to her utter beauty and also a will to serve,
for the man's eye great desire and enchantment when he does notice her
and something that awakes an urge for her protection with the man
as in her the Creator do provide a equal match for the him

as the one that can bring happiness, joy and utter pain,
the one that is jubilant through the day and gladly jumps around like an antelope,
as the one in whom the man can totally pour out his life and love
and from everything in creation she is the most wonderful thing.

[Reference:"In den beginne" (In the beginning)by A. G. Visser.]

© Gert Strydom

by Gert Strydom

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