I built a fence around my eyes.
painted the fence black and gray,
put up a sighn, keep out.
I took a sharp knife, and cut my hands off.
for these are sinners hands, and cant be washed.
I layed myself down on rail road tracks, waited for
the train, it came and took my legs.
i waited for death, like a farmer waits for his crop,
and thats when i saw a angel, with a note in his hand.,
it read, you now can move to first class....


Comments (2)

I like this........it's written in a hard edge kind of style. I hope I'm not insulting you when I say it reminds me of Bukowski. A dark humor undercurrent Your talking about sacrifice and the effort you've put into living and waiting for a payoff and after all the limbs are removed the cosmic answer is rather anticlimactic. Good one!
You need to look closer at how to express yourself and also watch your spelling. Best to write in your word program and run spell check before posting. Keep on trying.