I'm sorry for the choices I made that turned out badly for you.
I'm sorry I was addicted to change.
I'm sorry your trust was broken
And your concept of right is so strange.

I'm sorry for ways that I failed you;
my selfishness, neediness
And the drama as well.
I'm sorry for lies that I told,
And for your life feeling like hell.

I believe this time's different in every so many ways;
I thought that this fact would be so clear to you
But your doubt I can't seem to phase.

It's different because I have learned what I need,
What I will and won't stand for,
And my own soul to feed-
Accept or reject it, it's still true, indeed-

Please give me the permission to grow-
And I will give it to you;
Let time heal our wounds and I promise you this;
I'll be my mission to show you.

by Vicki Ellis

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I am incapable of saying the thoughts that this reminds me to. Like hating and loving at the same time it tears emotion apart. I love it.