A Mistake Is To Be Pardoned

Thousand mistakes to be pardoned
keep all promises and not to be abandoned
it is to be forgiven and condoned
for very simple reason not to be damned

So it forms the corner stone of policy
it is to be tolerated even if you are mighty
no one is to suppressed with any disregard
no let up in preparedness and to be off the guard

It will be taken as sign of weakness
the person will not understand it under the influence of wickedness
you may be termed as real fool
you know it is essential to look very cool

It is not supposed to be tit for tat
it is not ideal solution for that
it may kill enemy but spirit is kept live
you may find it later and will not believe

The time and cycle has changed again
havoc and destruction now seen with rain
nature has really turned against
we still harp on same thing and insist

What else can be used as counter?
to go into root cause and strike at center
or wait for enemy to strike and score
what else is open for us to explore?

No slap against slap is seen as cowardice
it will be considered as impracticable device
the age old tradition of not responding is over
you got to have enough power to cover

You may not retaliate with full force
you will know the exact position from other source
you will hi hard with brilliance and accuracy
it will establish foot hold and supremacy

The poisonous snake has to be caught
the adversary has to be fought
there is no use for you to go and seek
the reasonable compromise and look weak

The wicked person may lie low
he will agree to all and allow
you will have to think fast and follow
his ulterior motive with insult not to swallow

It is age for equal treatment
there may be concerted move at any moment
you may be caught napping
that will be end of your good inning

it was never a celebration over victory
the enemy was to be given full amnesty with no sorry
it has to be proved as brilliant move
you have nothing left now to prove

The concept of forget and forgive stands good
it is not properly followed and understood
it is not about giving thoroughfare to bad elements
it is to be countered with all might and surprise movement

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (11)

A tortured spot! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
And passion fills a young boys heart That men just cannot see.. iip.. James
Beautiful poem of love. The love which moves the sun and all the stars.
His purple wings flit once across thy smile. A great poem worth reading a 100 times. Thanks for the deep love coded within.
The Love which moves the Sun and all the stars, feeds passion of affection through tender touch. This is excellently penned poem shared here.10
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