FF (May 23,1993 / Washington State)

Apologies Don'T Do Everything

The two teenagers just stand quiet
They won't look not even try it

The girl starts to speak
The red mark fading from her cheek

'I hate all of your hatred,
I hate the things you've just said! '

The boy stands there and stares
Then runs his hand through his hair

'I hate lying to myself,
I hate calling for your help! '

'You never come, you never come,
I can't stand you, I'm done! '

The girls starts to cry
The tears rolling from her eyes

The boy wants to talk
But his words seem so shot

Instead he walks towards her
But she keeps getting farther

He freezes in his tracks
Knowing she won't come back

He just decides to go home
Knowing how his sorrys want to show

He can't sleep so he thinks of her instead
Staring at her picture he placed beside his bed

Then the sun starts to rise
As he slowly opens his eyes

He walks to school alone
The girl he still loves doesn't show

Then he spots her in the distance
Her not realizing his existence

He walks up to her and she looks
Then looks away to get her books

'I'm sorry.' He says staring to the ground
Taking one more whiff of air before she turned around

She looks at him politely
She just can't accept his apology

So she walks away
Knowing now that she is okay

Apologies don't do everything
Not even for men with abusive schemes.

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Comments (3)

This is kinda sad, but i love it.
I wrote this poem because I know alot of people with abusive boyfriends, I have alot of similar poems but they all have a good purpose, I wish alot of the girls I know wouldn't accept apologies from boys like this.
A very wise and perceptive poem. Ten for this without hesitation. Warm regards, Sandra