Appalachian Gray

Poem By Sandra Fowler

I think the dusk has slipped beyond all words.
You speak spring with an accent never heard.
A poem on an Appalachian pane
Is bringing April back via the rain.

Pale trillium on the hill above the creek
Is delicate beyond the will to speak.
A gray coat of old feelings wraps my frame.
The landscape flickers like a candleflame.

Friend, frozen tears of trees mirror the sky
Within the confines of their inner cry.
The light fades us into its elegy.
Music is pictured though no sound need be.

2007, Copyright Sandra Fowler

Comments about Appalachian Gray

Hi Sandra - West Virginia - Almost Heaven! Once again the beauty of the Appalachians comes through in ourr poem. How do we find words to describe the DUSK - the most sensuous part of any day - the SPRING - The Princess of Seasons - April - the Month of anticipation and Easter and the beautiful - beautiful Appalacians. The trillium is a beautiful flower the contrast of white and deep green delicate but full of expression 'Beyond the will to speak'. The Appalachian landscape really does flicker - but the 'GRAY COAT' the mantle of olf feelings introduces melancholy into magic. We have all experienced 'Frozen Tears' and the 'Inner Cry' pesonified by 'Fading Light' and 'Soundless Music'. I sense an unresolved dilemma - but this is such a mystical poem that it has a different message for each reader. This isn't poetry it sorcery. Sandra your language is a gormet feast - excellent I score it 10 x 10 - perfection. Love in Poetry - JOHN.
Friend, frozen tears of trees mirror the sky Within the confines of their inner cry. these lines make me closer and closer to nature
Again you speak of the sound of Appalachia. GW62
Nice, very nice. Bill Grace
Not only is this incredibly picturesque, but you have given it almost every kind of relevant depth imaginable - it isn't just an artistically and euphoniously recreated scene, it is a lived experience with all that implies to the sensitive and intelligent mind. Outstanding lyrical writing. A stunningly beautiful poem. jim xx

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