SF (February,4,1937 / W. Columbia, WV, USA)

Appalachian Rain

For an old friend, my sentiments without apology

I send a song of Appalachian rain,
As soothing as an old tin roof's refrain,
A lullaby to let you dream again.

Like a gray bird upon your windowsill,
With wings spread wide to shelter you from chill,
It warms your winter with my lyrics still.

Friend, weather seems to have an empathy
With that frail essence that is you and me.
The art of music is simplicity.

Copyright, Sandra Fowler

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Hi Sandra - it is so wonderful to read a poem that has Rhythm - Flow - Metre - Rhyme - Form - Passion and excellent English! Some of these elements are necessary for a piece of writing to deserve the sacred appelation POEM - to find them all in one poem is beautiful. I am looking at the Appalachian Trilogy and I would give the same accolade to 'Blue' and 'Gray'. There is only one respectable score - MAX! If we are in empathy with a friend then our response to Weather - Music - Nature - even the 'Refrain on the Old Tin Roof' is symbiotic and two hearts beat as one. For those PH's who have never visted West Virginia or the Appalachians the opening phrase will not evoke the same emotions as those who have. 'I send a song of Appalachian rain'. It really is soothing and a lullaby. The metaphore changes to - Lyrics being like the spread wings of a gray bird. This is a gentle poem - but underneath the layer of gentleness there is an undulating passion. A perfect poem - thanks Sandra - love in Poetry - JOHN
the art of music is simplicity......a wonderful observation...music of nature lives only on simplicity.....internal music of the mind also have base in simplicity... but sad, why don't our new generation musicians understand that.............
The art of music is simplicity; the art of sounds in falling rain the art of beauty born again in every line and sweet refrain..... .I will return again again. and soak up grace in your sweet rain.....
Another Good One... enjoyed reading it on a rainy day... music of the rain conveyed with artful simplicity. Congrats, Sandra, you seem to be the Nightingale of modern American poetry. Regards.
'The art of music is simplicity.' You paint a picture of Appalachia with music and sound. Not commonly done in poetry these days. I gave it at ten. Because I rarely read such as this. GW62
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