(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'Apparently They Are Not Aware Of This'

First of all,
I did not call her a bull.
I called her a cow.
With bullish ways.

Who is this...
Quoting me out of context?
The last time it was claimed,
I called someone an imbecile.
When clearly I had called 'him'...
An idiot.
Who is this doing the misquoting?

'Who knows.'

Whoever it is has spent too much time,
Trying to find ways to undermine my character.
To gain favor.

'Maybe there is a popularity contest.
And you've been submitted by someone,
In a secret ballot or something.'

And I have done my very best,
To smooth over those rough edges.
Only I have perfected...
To my knowledge,
A backing myself up against a brick wall,
With a jumping over it.
To land tall and walk on my feet.
And that was difficult.
The pain in my legs?

Since then...
I've learned how to charm.
I've discovered that more conducive to do,
Than inflicting my own pain.

'Apparently they are not aware of this.'

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